Meet your Driving Instructor Nathan Chidgey

Hi my name is Nathan and I am 25 years old. I have just completed the main parts of my driving instructor training and I am now ready to start teaching. I’m very excited about this new journey and career.

Before I became a driving instructor I was a courier driver and after years of doing the job I decided I wanted a change in career. I put a lot of hard work and determination into making this happen.

I live in Bridgwater with my partner and 2 daughters Mia and Maddison. This career change means I can be more flexible in my work hours and provide a better future for my family as well as making them proud.

I enjoy teaching others and get a great deal of satisfaction when I see other succeed. I have a range of qualities that help to make me prepared for this job so that I am able to teach to the best of my ability.

I’m very patient easy going and relaxed, I like to push people to their full potential and I have the knowledge behind me to help me do so.
A very big thank you to Laura for this opportunity and all the training that I have received from her. I will be working closely with Laura and the rest of the of the LA-Driving School team to make sure that all knowledge and information is current and up to date as to provide students with first class training at all time!