Kat passed her driving test!

image of driving lessons in Weston Super Mare

Congratulations to Kat Wingfield who passed her driving test on the 16th May 2019! She Kat passed her driving test at the Weston Super Mare Driving Test Centre and a passed on her fourth attempt but it was her first time with an LA-Driving Instructor! Her Driving Instructor was Laura (ADI ORDIT)
Laura said that she is extremely proud of Kat’s achievement having taken 2 tests in Birmingham and one test in Poole and had her confidence shattered that she gave up for a few years! Kat has finally done it but did almost not want to turn up! Laura also said good luck with her new job and move to London! Everyone at LA-Driving School would like to wish her all the very best in the future with her driving! WELL DONE!

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