Driving Lessons in Taunton

Learning to drive couldn’t be easier with our driving lessons in Taunton. Find out why below.

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Great value driving lessons in Taunton

So you’ve arrived here because you’re looking to learn to drive in the Taunton area. With male and female driving instructors available, LA Driving School are definitely the best choice.

  • Our driving instructors are friendly, reliable and have a great first-time pass rate.
  • Great prices for great lessons.
  • Male and female driving instructors available.
  • Automatic lessons also available.
  • In the Taunton area? Book now!

We cover Taunton and a selection of the surrounding area, meaning it’s more than likely we can collect you straight from your door.

We’ve helped so many people pass!

Why I chose LA-Driving

Laura is an amazing instructor; she always made me feel comfortable, answered all my questions, helped me fix my mistakes and made driving the simplest thing in the world. I passed with only 4 faults and can’t wait to start the pass plus scheme with Laura. I would recommend her to anyone!
Thanks again Laura for everything, you are brilliant and I couldn’t of done it without you.
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Your search for a driving school in Taunton comes to and end today

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If you’ve ever travelled around Taunton as a passenger, or even as a pedestrian, you’ll know that there are so many tricky roads and situations you can get yourself into while driving. With your driving lessons, your instructor will walk you through different scenarios like roundabouts, parking and junctions, making sure you’re the most confident you can be going into your driving test.

We really want you to pass your driving test with us, and we hope that our great reviews are a testament to that.

Taunton is a great place to learn to dive; ideal for learning with a variety of quiet streets so you can practice all the manoeuvres in preparation for your driving test. Remember – our instructors are very experienced and have worked in the area for some time. This means you can be safe in the knowledge that they will know the best routes and roads to practice on.

What can I expect from my first driving lesson?

You should expect our approachable and insightful driving instructors in Taunton to help you become a confident and skilled driver. Our instructors will help you become capable of independently handling a vehicle in every traffic situation. After just a few lessons, have faith and your nerves will be quelled in favour of a yearning to conquer the fundamental driving techniques and manoeuvres like clutch control, setting off and more. From this point onward it is merely a case of persistent practice and you will have passed your driving test before you know it!

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Passing your driving test

We’ll get you on the road to independence with our great tuition and you’ll soon have your driving test booked (scary, right?). The nearest driving test centre in the area is the Taunton Test Centre in Acres Hill Business Park. Rest assured, your driving instructor will make sure you are familiar with the expected test routes and the roads around the test centre.

Our Instructors and what they can do for you!

We understand that the process can sometimes feel daunting. But with our team of skilled driving instructors to back you up, you can rest assured that you aren’t facing the challenge alone. Our instructors can be your source of confidence and Highway Code wisdom to inspire you to keep going even if you are finding it tough. We will be with you at every step of the way until your driving independence.

Learning to drive is easy with our qualified team of male and female driving instructors in Taunton. It will be just the smooth and memorable experience to which you are entitled, complete with helpful, practical advice. We keep up to date with changing rules and regulations to both the theory and practical driving test: leave the boring stuff to us so that you can focus on the task at hand!

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Free theory training

Book your driving lessons with LA Driving School and get access to free theory test training using Theory Test Pro. This is an online resource where you can practice multiple choice questions, hazard perception examples and boost your confidence before that test. You’re twice as likely to pass your theory test with Theory Test Pro!

We pride ourselves on going the extra mile in supporting you from the start of your journey right through to eventually passing your driving test. LA Driving School appreciates that every individual is different and everybody learns in different ways. That’s why our instructors in the Taunton area deliver driving lessons that reflect your personal style of learning.

Automatic Driving Lessons in Taunton

Manual cars aren’t for everyone, and that’s why automatic exists. It’s a great option for a lot of people and is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. Perhaps you’re finding it a bit too difficult to learn to drive a manual car, or have a disability that impedes you from learning in manual. Why not learn in an automatic car? Forget the hardship of learning in a manual car and navigating those pesky gears. Take our great automatic driving lessons to jump start your confidence on those roads.

Intensive courses

If you are pressed for time or have week or two off work or school, why not learn to drive with one of our intensive courses? Believe it or not, we can get you passed within two weeks! Five hours a day (with breaks) over the course of 1-2 weeks depending on how much tuition you have already had, we can get you passed in your local area. This will of course also include free theory training and we’ll even book both your tests for you all included in the price.

Become a driving instructor in Taunton

Have you got free days in a week that you need to fill with something to do? Do you want to earn a little more money a week? Would you like this money cash in hand? Why not become a driving instructor to fill those gaps in the week? Part time or full time – whatever the choice you can work your own hours!

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Manual and automatic lessons available. Click to view prices.