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Successful Tuesday

Congratulations to Michael Puddy on successfully passing your practical driving test 1st time on Tuesday April 15th, with Laura from LA Driving School @ Taunton MPTC. It was an early morning start (7:15am for a 8:20am test) but think you’ll agree was definitely worth it as a great result & you only incurred 2 driver faults so it was a very good drive. Enjoy your new freedom safely & Laura will see you soon for a Motorway Lesson :-)

Michael Puddy @ Taunton MPTC

Michael Puddy @ Taunton


A big congratulations to Daryl Edwards who was Laura from LA Driving Schools 2nd 1st time pass of the day. Daryl passed his practical driving test at Weston-Super-Mare DTC with 5 driver faults & despite going off route at one point definitely made it an interesting drive. Enjoy your new freedom safely & look will hopefully see you for Pass Plus if your still working in this area :-)

Daryl Edwards @ Weston-Super-Mare DTC

Daryl Edwards @ Weston-Super-Mare DTC




Practical Test Success


Charlotte Maynard @ Weston-Super-Mare DTC

Congratulations to Charlotte Maynard on a passing her practical driving test today with Laura from LA Driving School at Weston-Super-Mare DTC. She only received 3 driver faults, so a very good drive :-)